4/2/17 Pasture Update

Our family spent two years focusing on overseas projects and in that time we sold our herd of cattle and downsized our flock of sheep considerably .  Since we’ve returned to the farm in full, livestock prices have jumped significantly and we haven’t been able to run the volume of livestock that we once did.  This means that large portions of our pastures have not been grazed for a few years, this block below being the final section of under grazed pasture in recent years.  This year we intend to fence the perimeter line for sheep & goats so we can run everyone together with daily pasture rotations.  It’s a big task!  On Sunday we measured the perimeter fence that needs to be replaced – 1,000 feet of 4′ – 2″ x 4″ mesh.  Our perimeter line crosses a seasonal creek in 3 places, and nothing is flat.  But we’ll bite into this project and chew like crazy – it’s just how we do things, I guess!

After we got our bearings in the southwest pasture, we took to planting the last of the native tree order we received the last weekend.  It turns out we had 150 trees to plant, I had thought it was a few less than it turned out to be.  That’s a lot of trees!  But they’re all in the ground and we’re hoping they take root nicely.  As we neared the end of our planting, the dog and cat who had been following us through the fields were still playing and getting tuckered out too.  I thought our readers might enjoy a few seconds of watching two buddies playing together.


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