First Lambs of 2017

Lambing has begun here at Tikkun Homestead.  Now we know why these two mamas have been looking SO ready to lamb for so long now – triplets!  The first two girls to lamb each had triplets – two girls and one boy each.  Baruch Hashem they had healthy and easy deliveries with healthy babies.

Our first set of lambs are from an ewe who has a history of being a poor mom.  This year was to be her final shot.  In the past she has twinned and brutally rejected one twin, each year.  We’ve been watching her closely so we would be ready to rescue the one she would reject, and it was apparent that she was having multiples by her size.  When we looked out the window at dawn on Sunday we saw that she had two lambs and she was at peace with them, this was such a change!  By the time we got to her we were able to see that there were three babies, and she was tending to each of them quite well.  What a blessing to have her become such a good mother all of the sudden!

The next ewe to lamb also had triplets and she’s known for being a very good mama.  In fact, she often tends to the first ewe’s babies as well as her own.  They are penned next to one another and even so, the first ewe is still being an excellent mother.  We are so grateful!

We were able to get the ewes out into the back yard for their first nibble of fresh grass while we tended to a first time mama and her babies – she had triplets but I didn’t get to her in time and with all of the newness, she didn’t get the sack off of the nose of the last one before he suffocated.  She was tending so well to the other two and to him, but cleaning his rear end instead of his face.  Poor little guy.  So she’ll raise twin ram lambs, and I’m okay with that for a first time mama.  It is a reminder for me to be more diligent in my checks, particularly with first time mamas!  For now she’s penned up with her boys and getting used to the idea of motherhood.


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