Mid-Rotation Status

Maybe you’ve seen some of those photos or videos of a pasture after a group of heavy grazers has moved through and maybe you, like me, cringe a little.  This update discusses the apparent “devastation” from heavy grazing & manure deposits followed by day ranging poultry – and a bit of reassurance that it’s really okay.  Everything recovers!

In these very spots last year we grazed through these areas 4 times and, though I don’t have a video to prove it, these areas where the shelter sat for their one or two-day stay had the most dense and tallest grass in the pasture.  I couldn’t believe it myself, the first time I realized this.  But I am confident that adding the pastured day-ranging poultry behind the sheep & goats will only benefit the pastures further.

Now I grant you that these pastures haven’t been grazed as heavily as some, I’m trying to make the first pass of the season a gentle one.  If we have sufficient pasture space throughout the year (with the new pastures being brought into the rotation) then I hope to graze to this level all year.


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