Feather Dusters For Little Chicks


When our second batch of broiler chicks arrived last week, we added two hanging feather dusters.  The idea here was to provide a pseudo-mamma for the little ones and to see if their stress level and health would be any different from the first batch.

As you can see in the photo and the video, there are two dusters and the majority of the chicks prefer to hang out between the two while some like to nap under them.

When I go into the brooder house to feed and check on the chicks I notice that this batch gets less stressed than the first batch did.  The first batch would startle more easily and seem to run around looking for a safe place to hide when I would reach in and remove and replace their feeder and waterer.  This batch will scurry toward the dusters and quietly wait for me to finish my adjustments before scurrying over to check out what I’ve given them.

So it appears that the presence of even a pseudo-mamma brings a greater measure of peace for the chicks and I’m glad to see this.  I’m curious to see if they grow any better than the first batch has, but the first batch has been very healthy and has grown nicely already.


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