Thriving Native Grasses Result In Full Aquifers

Here are some points that I just love about this video

~ Mr David Bamberger purchased this property when it was in terrible shape:  overgrown with brush, there was absolutely no water, and just all around useless.  He begins to plant native grasses and remove the overgrowth of certain trees & brush.  And almost immediately he begins to see an incredible restoration!

~ Aquifer Impact!  There is now water where once this land was incredibly dry.  And it happened relatively fast, too!  Only 2 .5 years after restoration began and water began to flow.  46 years prior to this video there was NO WATER, not even a well driller could drill 500′ and find water.  Cavernous limestone was under the surface, created to hold water.  I can think of another hill country in a nation’s heartland that is made of cavernous limestone and is currently being restored in some measure, where water has not been easy to come by.  Mr David Bamberger’s explanation of how native grasses brought about full water reservoirs was excellent!

~ Working with nature and not against it, taking cues from the natural order of things and learning to understand what is natural and what is unnatural, and choosing to partner with nature (the created order that Hashem established) to guard and preserve and nurture the land to bring about abundant life.

~  Ask yourself the same question that Mr David Bamberger did:  “What’s my duty as a steward of this [land]?”  You may not own property, or you might own thousands of acres, or hectares, of land.  Stewardship doesn’t require ownership.  Every human on earth shares a certain responsibility to care for the land under his or her feet.  What is *your* duty as a steward of the land you use?


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