One Hundred Thousand Beating Hearts

There are many things I love about this video and I wanted to point out just a few of them.

I love that Mr Will Harris has a heart for his community, for the people who live nearby his property.  I love that he saw a need, he had a need, and he found a solution that benefited his community as much as it has benefited his business.  I really appreciate that his focus is his own people, his local community.  “I don’t know that I’m supposed to feed the world.  I’m supposed to feed my community.”

I love that he communicates a respect for his fellow farmers and ranchers who do not work from the same perspective that he does.  He’s right, nobody is intentionally doing anything to cause harm!  Unintended consequences are just that – unintended.  I appreciate the honor with which he speaks of his father and his grandfather.
But I also really appreciate that his employees are observed in a respectful manner and that they seem to work together respectfully.  “I get paid for what I was made for.”

I love that he is so focused on restoration of things that you can hear his passionate heart sharing about reviving the land, reviving his herds, and the reviving his community even at great personal risk.

** If you are put off by occasional rough or “earthy” language, note that you’ll hear it once or twice here.

Mr Will Harris is one of my heroes.  He is, indeed, the rock star of restoration agriculture.  May you appreciate meeting him via this video as much as I have.  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!

I want to see a similar movement among our people – both our people of faith and our local communities (sometimes the two are not the same).  I want to see more of us step up and begin to care for, really care for, our own people with such passion and devotion.

I want to see our religious communities include a wide variety of everyone, including the farmer who provides the food and some employment for his/her community.  I want to see our cutting edge learners honoring those who are still practicing their regular ways that may (or may not) be as beneficial.  I want to see local communities respect their farmers more, especially the farmers who are raising their animals in a holistic and ethical manner.

I want to see these concepts of restoration, tikkun, spread like wildfire!  Restoring the land, restoring ecosystems, restoring health to flocks & herds, restoring health to people, restoring hope, restoring faith, restoring…


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