Early August Pasture Restoration Update

This year we are working hard to revitalize our existing pastures and to restore some old and unused pastures.  This means we’ve planted 250 baby trees around the entire property in small groves of 3 to 5, we’ve found the old fence line, cleared it, and have successfully re-fenced over half of it in one block, and we’ve been grazing less frequently & refraining from mowing in our existing pastures.

So, how is that working out for us so far?

Here are two videos that show how life goes on any given day, and a little update on the sheep as they are introduced to this formerly unused block.



I’m pretty pleased with how things are working out so far.
I gave the sheep an extra day in this paddock and they never complained.  When I opened the paddock up to give them more grass, they opted to remain lounging under the canopy rather than rush for the fresh grass.  They are very satisfied!  It *looks* like there’s nothing to eat there, but there surely is sufficient food for them because they are quite content.


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