Welcome to our home on the internet where we hope to be able to document our move more toward a holistic and restorative approach on our small family farm.  We have been at this for a few years but there is always more to learn, new things to apply, and more resources to share.

Our focus for this blog is on a restoration to more natural practices and working with nature, not against nature.  Nature, as you know, is the order of things within this amazing world that HaShem has created and placed mankind as stewards over.  In the beginning “G-d saw everything he had made, and behold! It was very good.”

One day when all is restored to it’s original state of “good” and mankind can dwell once again in the Garden of Eden, many of these old-yet-new-again practices will probably be the common way things are done.  There will be health and life in the soil, the herbage will once again be not only plentiful but incredibly nutritious and sufficient for any necessary medicines we may require, the animals will dwell securely and be feasting on the foods they were created to eat, and mankind will beat their war implements into farming tools as we live together in unity.

But for now, we are on a journey away from the common practices and toward the old-yet-new-again traditions that sustained our forefathers for millennia with a healthy dose of new-and-improved ideas as well!