Pastured Lamb

Our predominantly Katahdin lambs are born here on our land and spend their days enjoying the rich and wholesome pastures with the rest of their extended family.  Our farm has never been sprayed with chemicals nor have our animals ever been fed grains or hormones, and we believe in raising our animals humanely, with dignity and respect. Just as nature intends, our sheep are on pasture with access to shelter all year round providing each lamb the proper nutrition and important microbes & antibodies for good health, vitality, and a peaceful life which makes for the most delicious meat you can hope to find.

Grass-fed also means a healthy choice for your family because it is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E and beta-carotene, and typically lower in fat than grain-fed meat.  Our flock has daily access to mineral supplements and kelp, which helps to keep them healthy and strong but it also passes along these micronutrients to your dinner table when you purchase meat from The Tikkun Homestead.

Animals raised on pasture live very low-stress and peaceful lives. As a result of their excellent nutrition and lack of stress, they are very healthy which means that when you eat grass fed lamb you are eating food that is nutritious, wholesome, and delicious. New Zealand and Australian sheep are what is typically found in the grocery store but ours are different. Store bought lamb often taste very strong and gamy because they are bred primarily for their wool not their meat, and then they are transported half way around the globe before it arrives in your local store. Our Katahdin-cross flock of sheep are bred for their meat and instead of wool they grow hair which not only requires a different amount of energy but keeps the sheep much cooler in the summer months. Besides, locally raised meats will always be fresher and taste better!

Our lambs are born in the spring when their mamas move out to fresh spring grass and they spend their entire lives on pasture.  We process our lamb at around 10 months of age, making our fresh lamb available during the winter months.  We sell our lamb by the half or by the whole, giving you the opportunity to instruct the butcher regarding how you’d like your cuts and packages assembled.  We are happy to walk you through the ordering process if you’ve not purchased your meat this way before.  Please contact us quickly to get on the list for this years lamb!  We sell out fast every year!