Customer Reviews

“We have purchased beef and breakfast sausage from Tikkun Homestead before. Both were less expensive than the organic, grassfed meat from the store and were higher in quality. We highly recommended their products.”  ~ Diane A.

“You know the meat is really good when during supper the children can’t stop talking about how much better it tastes and how juicy it is.  I was glad to know that they were eating a better quality meat and that they were enjoying it so much.”  ~ Trisha V.

“We enjoy doing business with Tikkun Homestead—their products are great quality, and being able to buy local, and grass-fed is a huge benefit. Even with the CDN-US exchange the prices are reasonable.”  ~ Anne M.

“The lamb sausage from Tikkun Homestead is delicious. We feel good paying a fair price for this exceptional meat. It’s flavorful and I know exactly where it came from and that the sheep were well cared for from start to finish.”  Emilie J.

“Great prices and the best meats and sausages I’ve had. 5/5 stars, I will use Tikkun Homestead again as they are a pleasure to work with, and have superior products. All of their meats are raised on Tikkun Homestead and are grass-fed or substituted with natural and organic feeds, are hormone free, all natural, and are cared for and treated humanely so that only the best is produced and sold to their customers. Great service, would recommend.”  ~ Chris W.

“I really like these eggs best!  I have tried the organic and free range eggs from stores and even organic and free range eggs from other families nearby.  But your eggs taste the best of all of them, there’s just something so different about them!  SO GOOD!  It must be because they’re pastured eggs.”  ~  Lori T.