The Pauline Rose Suite

Here at Tikkun Homestead we also partner with AirB&B to offer a private guest space, The Pauline Rose Suite.  Whether our guests are interested in Agrotourism, are here for business or pleasure, or just passing through and needing a place to rest for the night, we have thoroughly enjoyed these opportunities to extend hospitality to travelers and meeting really neat people.  We have been awarded the AirB&B Superhost award for the 7th consecutive term which means that our guests have been super satisfied with their stay in The Pauline Rose Suite.

Pauline Rose is a heroine of ours primarily for the strong yet tender dedication she displayed for her people and her faith, particularly during Israel’s War of Independence (1948) and the Six Day War (1968).

Born in South Africa Mrs Rose, in her middle years, left her beautiful farm in England to live in Jerusalem with the goal of strengthening other believers, to be of assistance to any who were in need, and to bring beauty to the newly established state of Israel. Known as “The Lady of Mount Zion” she created a beautiful and peaceful home directly on Mount Zion with renowned gardens. Even in the midst of war their home was a refuge and sanctuary for all who came.

Mr and Mrs Rose valued hospitality, service, valor, and their faith and heritage.  They were courageous and gentle, strong and tender, visionaries walking out their ancient faith.  Pauline Rose had a heart to see all people working together in love to prepare the way of the Lord in the land of Israel.  Her work continues today in Israel.

We chose to honor Pauline Rose by naming our guest suite in her honor and to continue her tradition of hospitality, farming, and bringing people together in peace.  In The Pauline Rose Suite you will find two of her inspirational books that have recently been re-published:  The Siege of Jerusalem and Window On Mount Zion.  Feel free to peruse the small collection of reading material with a special eye toward Mrs Rose’s books.

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