Welcome ~

Join us on this journey toward the old-yet-new-again traditions that sustained our forefathers for millennia with a healthy dose of new-and-improved ideas
that benefit our local communities.

What’s Available Right Now?

Click on the photos to learn more about what we have to offer our local community.  See our Price List and contact us soon to arrange your purchase.

We have both farm fresh eggs and freshly processed whole chickens, organ meats, chicken feet and necks available right now.  Our pasture raised lamb will be available in the spring and our 2018 beef customer list is taking shape already.

Pasture Raised Chicken Eggs

Pasture Raised Chicken

Pasture Raised Lamb






Our next group of pasture raised lamb will be available in March 2018, just in time for your holiday meal planning.  If you’re a big fan of lamb or if you’ve never tried it before, you’ll love how pasture raised Katahdin lamb tastes.  Pure delish!

Contact us quickly to reserve your lamb.


Pasture Raised Beef

Our pasture raised beef is always a hot item!  We have been completely sold out of our beef early in the year every year lately.  If you are interested in our beef for your freezer, contact us ASAP to make sure you get on the list!

A Bit About Us

Tikkun is a Hebrew word that means to restore, repair, return. Tikkun Homestead is a small multi-generational family farm located in Lynden, Washington. We implement restorative and holistic agricultural practices on our property to revive our local ecosystem and to strengthen the vitality of our land, our animals, and our local community.
~We are focused on reviving many of our ancestral traditions related to our health, lifestyle, and agricultural practices to improve and strengthen our health as well as that of our community and our land.
~And, we are a religious family with a desire that our culture see how both farmers and religious people are deeply interested in healthy stewardship of our planet, working to leave our land to our grandchildren in a healthier state than when we inherited it from our grandparents.